7tm 388698_10150461632409810_92758632_nis a platform that presents fashion and design shops in and around the 7th district of Vienna and emphasizes local consumption and retailing.

7tm targets playful and adventurous customers. The numerous small, innovative locations which are promoted by 7tm convey the feeling to have made a special experience – unique in the neighborhood, unique in Vienna. Since 2008 and in cooperation with Vienna Tourism, the Austrian National Tourist Office and the district governments, 7tm promotes attractive and individual shops and stores.

7tm stands for individuality / retailing / fashion & design cluster / 42 shops, where time can be spent / 42 shop owners / 42 micro economies / marketing concept / strengthening of consumption power / a special taste / street development / world of consumption / machine of subsidies / slowness / consulting / focus of the Austrian National Tourist Office / against standardization / city branding / local supply