Beauty is a Dark Attitude

Benoit Gob

Benoit Gob , Brussels, guestby Thomas Kreuz / Reumannplatz, Westbahnstrasse 8, Vienna

It is the second show of Benoit Gob at Reumannplatz, by Thomas Kreuz. Reumannplatz is a junction between contemporary art, design and savior vivre. Belgian painter and actor Benoit Gob explores the impacts of power, dominance and aggression on a society, on every-day life of its members. In his intellectual game images of fragility are in the smashed and reconstructed vases as well as in his drawings.

In the actual project „Beauty is a Dark Attitude“ he tried to research the roots of inhumanity and ferociousness in our neo-liberal society. All the scratches, cuts and deleterious effects in his drawings are contrasted with vigorous dark forms, like bundles of covering hair. The self-made frames, kind of boxes, underline the depth of the images.

The visitor receives an impression of thoughts about the ruin of Europe and the loss of our well educated and humanistic society. The intention of the artist´s play of thoughts is apparent in his powerful brush marks and his 3 dimensional bulges as a symbol for strength and brittleness, violence and destruction. The scratches are symbols of the wounds we have inflicted on one another on mutual respect and consensual recognition.The combination of drawings, broken vases and a video with beautiful images of destruction are mirroring the different levels of our complex and woven political and economic structures.

The title, beauty as a dark attitude, evokes and expresses individual memory and provides space for personal interpretations.

Benoit Gob is member of the Artist Run Gallery Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 since 2011 and he had 2 Soloshows there and at Reumannplatz. In May he will participate in the exhibition of Jan Lauwers in Shanghai (Silent Stories Jan Lauwers fest. Artist of Nee Company at MCAM Shanghai, Vernissage am 31.5.2016).


Text Denise Parizek, 2016

Photocredits Mute Insurgent, 2016

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