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Entdecken. Schreiben. Fotografieren. Daniel ist sowohl kreativ als auch ambitioniert und angelt sich gerne die abenteuerlichen im7ten-Stories bei den Redaktionssitzungen, die er mit immer neuen Ideen bereichert. Sein Steckenpferd: ästhetische Bilder von Alltagssituationen.

Posted On May 26, 2016By Daniel KlinglerIn History

About the Jewish Association Neubau

In 1934 the Jewish population in Neubau, the seventh district of Vienna, reached 14.8 percent. A value that was positioned significantly above the average of the Austrian capital. Schottenfeld, one of the regions of Neubau, was formerly known as “Brilliantengrund”, which can be translated as “brilliant bottom”. A hint to the wealth of the area, which originated mainly in the production of silk, a branch of profession practiced by a lot of Jews. This might be a reason for the high number of daughters and sons of David, who usedRead More