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1 October 2017 marks the opening of “Stones of Remembrance” in Westbahnstraße. Following the presentations by the four artists or artist groups, a concert by the ensemble Cappella Splendor Solis took place at the Parish Schottenfeld. Cappella Splendor Solis is an ensemble founded in 2014 with young talented musicians who, together with their mentor, Professor Josef Stolz explore the musical transition phase from 1550 to 1650.  The era begins with the slow fading of the Renaissance and ends with the emerging Baroque. An almost unexplored period in musical history that,Read More

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Stones of Remembrance | Points of view

At the opening of “Stones of Remembrance” 1 October 2017, art installations were arranged at 5 different places on Westbahnstraße. In Westbahnstraße 27-29 there was one by Günther Puller and Lazar Lyutakov. Im7ten spoke to both artists about their work prior to the opening.     I met with Günther Puller and Lazar Lyutakov for an interview in a traditional Viennese coffee house in town. With the classical Viennese waiter, the small round coffee house tables with heavy marble tops, the politeness, the clientele and the contrast between nostalgic seriousnessRead More
An inconspicuous cactus is displayed in the window of Tsai-JuWus studio, with not much else to be seen of the fascinating little shop. She shares the space with a fellow artist with an admirable collection of various curious objects. The walls are covered with her artwork, the table with smaller sketches and in the corner an art installation is hung that resembles a cloud demonstrating motion in space. Tsai-Ju studied at the University of Applied Art in Vienna whereas her relationship to art already developed in her school days inRead More

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Stones of Remembrance | Why remember?

The artist Hannahlisa Kunyik developed a 15 minute performance for the opening of Stones of Remembrance and explained to “im7ten” how the cooperation started. How did the initiator, Thomas Kreuz approach you? In summer I had bought a pepper mill as a birthday gift at  Wauwau where Thomas and I had gotten into talking about what I do. I told him about my book that was published in Spring by “Schlafzimmerproduction” in which I addressed differenct terminology of politics and art history as well as the roll of historical minimalismRead More

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Stones of Remembrance | Vacuum

The Stones of Remembrance in Westbahstraße were unveiled 1 October 2017 commemorating the 42 deported people who lived here before their abduction and murdering. 5 artists set the scene for this event, one of them being Georg Böhme who spoke to “im7ten” about this event. Westbahnstraße 7 was Viktor Kormes last residence. His deportation remains unclear but what is known is that he died in Croatia in Jasenovac where mass-killings took place between 1941 and 1945 without German participation. The archive DÖW (“Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes” – Archive of theRead More
The population census in 1934 counted 176 034 Jewish citizens living in Vienna which corresponded to 9,1% of the total population in Austria’s capital. 7 years later a mere 9000, nearly 0,6 % remained. The Jewish community of Vienna was devastated and nearly eradicated. But who were the victims of the destructiveness of the fascist regime? The association “Steine der Erinnerung” – “Stones of Remembrance” was founded to give the nameless a name, to revive the forgotten but also to commemorate those murdered and abducted. The aim of the organisationRead More
Tagebuch Zeichnung Franz Blaas

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KW 06 – Tagebuch von Franz Blaas

Die Westbahnstraße aus der Froschperspektive. Und das Weltgeschehen. Ein Tagebuch – Format. 14. Februar: Zwei Autofahrer streiten beim Einparken, ich habe zu spät gesehen worum es geht, und dann gibt der eine dem Anderen zwei Vodkaflaschen und holt eine schwere Tasche aus dem Kofferraum – Beobachtung ohne Lösung, worum es geht – Schneefall! Handelsabkommen zwischen USA und EU soll abgeschlossen werden. Der 100. Tibetische Mönch hat sich angezündet. 13. Februar: Schneetreiben, aber alles sehr unspektakulär – Türteile abgelegt, beim Mistkübel vorne, beim scheußlichen Haus, wer erspart sich den Weg zurRead More

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KW 04 – Tagebuch Franz Blaas

Die Westbahnstraße aus der Froschperspektive. Und das Weltgeschehen. Ein Tagebuch – Format. 31. Jänner: Für ein winziges Loch zum Wasserrohr wurden 5 Parkplätze zum Halteverbot gemacht. Konnte mein Auto gerade noch umparken, bevor es abgeschleppt wurde. EU-Außenministertreffen in Brüssel, Syrien + Mali sind Thema. 30. Jänner: Kirchencafe, beinahe täglich, um ca. 9. Der Mann mit der Schwester war lang im Krankenhaus,, die dünne Frau, die furchtbar gehustet hat, starb vor Weihnachten. Hundescheiße und Redbulldosen kommen am Straßenrand zum Vorschein – ein Ausbund an Scheußlichkeit so ein Wiener Jännertag. Israel-Angriffe in Syrien? Militärzensurregeln.Read More
Das Tagebuch von Franz Blaas

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Tagebuch von Franz Blaas September 2013

Die Westbahnstraße aus der Froschperspektive. Und das Weltgeschehen. Ein Tagebuchformat. 6. September 2013: Alarmanlage im Uhrengeschäft, gegenüber, ging um drei los, dauerte lange, bis sie wieder ausgeschaltet wurde. Vespa-Roller sind immer mehr abgestellt. Deutschland: Österreich 3:0, Russland stimmt Militäranschlag gegen Syrien nicht zu. 5. September 2013: An der Hauswand von Schreiners Gasthaus ist ein neues großes Graffiti, ein Birdcode. Treffen der G20 in Petersburg. Wirtschaft und Syrien. 4. September 2013: Zwei Bäumchen, kümmerlich, bei der Haltestelle 49 stadteinwärts, wurden ausgegraben und weggebracht. Vorm Felzl wurde eine Sitzbank aufgestellt. Fukushima hat vieleRead More

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Sharing is the new owning

One person’s trash is another one’s treasure With time one accumulates an incredible amount of things at home that are not really needed. We are talking about things that have not been used in the last two years and things to which there is no emotional tie. Things like the board game that seemed to be so fun but actually was not or the book that has no more surprise to offer after having read it once. A pity to throw away but also a pity to clutter up theRead More