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Visiting the 7th district? You are visiting the 7th district (in the near future) and you want to know where to go, what there is to see and to experience? We’ve got the insights and are happy to share them with you. Vienna is more than Sissi-kitsch and horse carriage rides (we call them Fiaker here). If you stay in one of the accommodations in the 7th district you’ve already made an excellent choice. Historical facts about the 7th district The district is called “Neubau” and it consists of theRead More
 – that is here the question or If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! This is the story about Johann Georg Lahner, born 15 October 1774 in Gasselsdorf (Franconian Switzerland), died 23 April 1845 in Vienna. It is about an active young farmer boy who left his family living in poverty and hopelessness to find his luck in the big wide world. After an apprenticeship as a butcher in Frankfurt on the Main, he soon wandered off and ended up as a boat hand on the Danube and then inRead More

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I love bread

I’m hungry and I have a craving for yummy, tasty bread! Time is not on my side, it’s late and the only culture I have at home is in my music collection – which can’t help me make my own sour-dough bread. It actually doesn’t take much to make your own fresh steamy loaf of bread. The more ingredients used, the more interesting it gets but this is entirely up to the maker. But it does take time – lots of time. Especially when you first make your yeast cultureRead More
Imagine this: it’s a sunny day in March 1926. Horse carriages in Westbahnstraße, here and there a car, a cyclist bumps down the cobblestone road and a travelling salesman with a handbarrow full of woven baskets is making his way up the hill. He stops at house number 7 – curious to explore the newly opened ice-cream parlor. Delicious ice-cream, hand-stirred, cooled with weekly delivered ice blocks that are brought from the cool cellar daily on the back of the apprentice.   And in 2015 this ice-cream parlor is stillRead More