Sharing is the new owning

One person’s trash is another one’s treasure

With time one accumulates an incredible amount of things at home that are not really needed.

We are talking about things that have not been used in the last two years and things to which there is no emotional tie. Things like the board game that seemed to be so fun but actually was not or the book that has no more surprise to offer after having read it once. A pity to throw away but also a pity to clutter up the place.

What to do? Share!

The undesired objects can be brought to one of the below listed sharing-initiatives. If something tickles your fancy there, you can take it home in exchange for what you bring. Whatever is brought should still work and still have a value to please the next owner! Unfortunately some see these initiatives as nearby trash dumps or as a source of extra cash when the things are then sold off. This behavior is undesired but hard to avoid. The way to prevent this is by raising awareness and using these platforms more and more.

In our “Grätzel” there are several offers and initiatives for giving and taking.

Here is a list of our top 7:

Offener Bücherschrank

schatzkisteCorner of Westbahnstraße/Zieglergasse

Bring and take books. Amongst old reference books there is always a good novel to be found.


Kandlgasse 2

Bring things that can make others happy so that It really is a treasure chest as the name implies.

Kinderliteratur Büchertaschen

Zieglergasse 21
/Neustiftgasse 98

Children and kids from the area can switch and swap their books in the bags hanging in front of school entrances.

Sozialflohmarkt des Wiener Hilfswerks

Schottenfeldgasse 29

Commodity and clothes contributions are welcome – just stop by! (But please leave your garbage at home)

These are then passed on to needy people in Vienna with the project “Guat Beinand” (in good shape).


Kandlgasse 15, next to the main entrances

Unneeded items with a use and function can be left here and others taken in exchange.


Kandlgasse 15/3-4

Workshops are needed to fix things instead of throwing them away or also to do some crafts, but not everyone has the appropriate place at home. Against a monthly fee you can become a member of the Werkimpuls and use such a facility equipped with tools and machines.


Westbahnstraße 19

Leaving your apartment for some time? You can offer your place to someone during that time. Help for finding appropriate tenants can be found at the “Odyssee” travel agency.


Seidengasse 23, Kaiserstraße 74, Burggasse 83, Neustiftgasse 95

Driving in the city can get complicated and most of the time a car is not needed. Should you do need to leave your bike at home, though, to do some hauling or for a short holiday, Zipcar is the place to go to get your four wheels!


To sum up: If you haven’t yet tried sharing, you should definitely give it a try – you’re in for a surprise!