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Posted On February 12, 2018By GastIn History, Interviews

Stones of Remembrance | Points of view

At the opening of “Stones of Remembrance” 1 October 2017, art installations were arranged at 5 different places on Westbahnstraße. In Westbahnstraße 27-29 there was one by Günther Puller and Lazar Lyutakov. Im7ten spoke to both artists about their work prior to the opening.     I met with Günther Puller and Lazar Lyutakov for an interview in a traditional Viennese coffee house in town. With the classical Viennese waiter, the small round coffee house tables with heavy marble tops, the politeness, the clientele and the contrast between nostalgic seriousnessRead More

Posted On February 7, 2018By GastIn History, Interviews

Stones of Remembrance | Why remember?

The artist Hannahlisa Kunyik developed a 15 minute performance for the opening of Stones of Remembrance and explained to “im7ten” how the cooperation started. How did the initiator, Thomas Kreuz approach you? In summer I had bought a pepper mill as a birthday gift at  Wauwau where Thomas and I had gotten into talking about what I do. I told him about my book that was published in Spring by “Schlafzimmerproduction” in which I addressed differenct terminology of politics and art history as well as the roll of historical minimalismRead More