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1 October 2017 marks the opening of “Stones of Remembrance” in Westbahnstraße. Following the presentations by the four artists or artist groups, a concert by the ensemble Cappella Splendor Solis took place at the Parish Schottenfeld. Cappella Splendor Solis is an ensemble founded in 2014 with young talented musicians who, together with their mentor, Professor Josef Stolz explore the musical transition phase from 1550 to 1650.  The era begins with the slow fading of the Renaissance and ends with the emerging Baroque. An almost unexplored period in musical history that,Read More
An inconspicuous cactus is displayed in the window of Tsai-JuWus studio, with not much else to be seen of the fascinating little shop. She shares the space with a fellow artist with an admirable collection of various curious objects. The walls are covered with her artwork, the table with smaller sketches and in the corner an art installation is hung that resembles a cloud demonstrating motion in space. Tsai-Ju studied at the University of Applied Art in Vienna whereas her relationship to art already developed in her school days inRead More